Rectus femoris muscle
The rectus femoris muscle divides the front of the thigh in two and is located between the tailor muscle and the tensor of the broad fascia of the thigh. The…

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How to choose a massage table
Masseurs work with different clients: some are small, others are very tall, some have very broad shoulders, others have hips and so on. That is why a good adjustable massage…

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An effective tool for the treatment of various diseases and injuries is currently therapeutic massage. It helps restore normal activity of the whole organism. Massage is part of a range…

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extraordinary lightness

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Muscle sprains and tears

Muscles, like any other soft tissues of our body, are easily damaged. Stretching muscles is a common trauma, damage to muscle fibers that occurs under the influence of excessive tensile stress.

However, it should be noted that not only tensile forces are often to blame for this kind of muscle damage – a combination of muscle tension and contraction can be the cause of such an injury.

Stretching can occur if a muscle that is in a contracted state is subjected to excessive stress, tension. Due to the nature of muscle mechanics, stretching is more likely with eccentric contractions than with Continue reading

Sophia Loren: the secrets of harmony

Tilt to the feet
Standing, lean forward, knees are straightened, head and arms hang down, fingers touch the floor. You should feel how the muscles of your back and legs are stretched. The point of the exercise is to provide gravity to gently stretch your muscles. Do not sway, otherwise the muscles will not stretch, but strain. I perform this exercise 2-3 times.

Head tilts
While standing, lower your head to your chest, touch your chest with your chin. Then lean your head back and look at the ceiling. Raising your shoulders slightly, move your head from side to side. Each time you feel the neck muscles stretch.

Hand exercises
Standing, pull your hand up as high as possible. Hold her at the highest point for a few seconds. Repeat with the other Continue reading

Massage history

Even in ancient times, massage was known as a remedy. Massage was used by primitive people. Obviously, stroking, rubbing, kneading the sore spot at first was purely instinctive. It was made at the earliest stages of development of traditional medicine. It was established that many centuries ago, massage was used as a remedy by the peoples living on the islands of the Pacific Ocean.
The origin of the word “massage” does not have the same explanation for different specialists. Some believe that it came from the Arabic “mass” or “masch” – “gently press, touch,” others – from the Greek “masso” – “squeeze hands”, and others – from the Latin “massa” – “stick to fingers”. But whatever the origin of the word, the essence of the massage remains the same. Continue reading

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Ayurvedic oil massage
Experience suggests that people react to different types of sensory signals in different ways. So, for some, sound has a particularly strong effect, so these people are most susceptible to…


Thai massage basics
Thai massage is the oldest method of traditional Thai medicine. All of his techniques are a combination of pressure, stretching and twisting, that is, a complex system of action on…


Headache and injuries of the ligaments of the cervical vertebrae
Question: True or not: headaches can occur due to damage to the ligaments of the vertebrae C5, C6 and C7. Answer: A reflected headache usually occurs only when the ligaments…


How do massage therapists get injured at work?
Massage is hard physical work, and in order to ensure professional longevity, we must take care of our health. The first step to the prevention of injuries that may lead…