An effective tool for the treatment of various diseases and injuries is currently therapeutic massage. It helps restore normal activity of the whole organism. Massage is part of a range…

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Why self-care is so important to a massage therapist
In my seminars on orthopedics and massage, which I hold around the world, I always put emphasis on the importance of taking care of one's own health in the life…

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Dangerous trait
Thanks to the brave women participating in the movement, who decided to openly condemn sexual harassment in various spheres of society, the whole world started talking about the fact that…

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extraordinary lightness

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Muscle sprains and tears

Muscles, like any other soft tissues of our body, are easily damaged. Stretching muscles is a common trauma, damage to muscle fibers that occurs under the influence of excessive tensile stress.

However, it should be noted that not only tensile forces are often to blame for this kind of muscle damage – a combination of muscle tension and contraction can be the cause of such an injury.

Stretching can occur if a muscle that is in a contracted state is subjected to excessive stress, tension. Due to the nature of muscle mechanics, stretching is more likely with eccentric contractions than with Continue reading

Sophia Loren: the secrets of harmony

Tilt to the feet
Standing, lean forward, knees are straightened, head and arms hang down, fingers touch the floor. You should feel how the muscles of your back and legs are stretched. The point of the exercise is to provide gravity to gently stretch your muscles. Do not sway, otherwise the muscles will not stretch, but strain. I perform this exercise 2-3 times.

Head tilts
While standing, lower your head to your chest, touch your chest with your chin. Then lean your head back and look at the ceiling. Raising your shoulders slightly, move your head from side to side. Each time you feel the neck muscles stretch.

Hand exercises
Standing, pull your hand up as high as possible. Hold her at the highest point for a few seconds. Repeat with the other Continue reading

Massage history

Even in ancient times, massage was known as a remedy. Massage was used by primitive people. Obviously, stroking, rubbing, kneading the sore spot at first was purely instinctive. It was made at the earliest stages of development of traditional medicine. It was established that many centuries ago, massage was used as a remedy by the peoples living on the islands of the Pacific Ocean.
The origin of the word “massage” does not have the same explanation for different specialists. Some believe that it came from the Arabic “mass” or “masch” – “gently press, touch,” others – from the Greek “masso” – “squeeze hands”, and others – from the Latin “massa” – “stick to fingers”. But whatever the origin of the word, the essence of the massage remains the same. Continue reading

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Massage, double crash syndrome and axoplasmic current
Nerve compression is a common cause of pain and discomfort. In some cases, compression of several sections of the same nerve is observed at once, which can be located at…


Ayurvedic massage
Let's go back to antiquity when there were no antibiotics, but there were special treatment techniques, instead of pills and injections, the sensitive fingers of a masseur. The word "massage"…


The art of chocolate massage
Chocolate massage is an amazing remedy for stress and bad mood. After all, with each session, you find yourself in a chocolate country and as if returning to childhood. Everyone…


Sports massage
In a previous article on sports massage, we talked about three key principles that distinguish this type of massage from classic, relaxing, general, and many others. Today we would like…