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The art of chocolate massage

Chocolate massage is an amazing remedy for stress and bad mood. After all, with each session, you find yourself in a chocolate country and as if returning to childhood. Everyone can get rid of endless stress and treat themselves to warm, pleasantly melting chocolate!
Chocolate massage activates cell metabolism and burns fat, stimulates blood microcirculation, saturates the skin with active elements, acts as an antidepressant on the nervous system, has an exciting effect, promotes the production of joy hormones – endorphins, enriches the skin with calcium, potassium and magnesium, restores, moisturizes and nourishes the skin making it soft and smooth, fights aging. And what a pleasant aroma is in the air!

According to one version, a chocolate therapy session was first held in France. After the death of her husband, one beautiful widow of the French nobleman Jeanne D “Ebre didn’t decide who to marry. She decided to marry someone who would greatly surprise her. Everyone came up with everything they could — he brought jewelry, amazing fabrics, rare animals. However her heart was won by the one who delivered a marble bath from abroad and filled it to the brim with liquid chocolate.In fact, he offered this bath to Jeanne, and she could not refuse.

A bit of history
In Europe, chocolate appeared when it came from South America, where it has long been considered a national Indian drink. The king of Spain really liked the mix of cocoa, red pepper, cornmeal and water, and he decided to include it in his menu. In the Middle Ages, various mythical properties were attributed to chocolate. For example, one woman who cheated on a spouse with a black servant and gave birth to a child from her, proved to her spouse that the baby has such a dark skin color because during pregnancy she consumed too much chocolate.

Required Components
After reviewing all the existing information about chocolate massage and the means used for it at home, you can clearly distinguish 3 opinions on the composition of the necessary components:

1) There are companies that have established the production of kits for home use. These kits include creamy and powdery products for chocolate wraps and massages. They contain cocoa fruit extract; they are also called cocoa beans, although these are grains.

2) You can buy good natural chocolate and melt it in a water bath. Then dilute with liquid milk to increase the volume, and then add ground coffee or cocoa to obtain the desired consistency.

3) Regular wrapped chocolate is not suitable for this purpose. Chocolate, which is used in cosmetology, is a special product. There are no additives in it, it is bitter, not too pleasant to taste.

You need to purchase cocoa butter and cocoa powder without the addition of milk, sugar and aromatic additives. An inexpensive, but pure cocoa powder, without any additional ingredients, is good. Pour cocoa with hot but not boiling water. Cool the resulting mass to a temperature that is comfortable for the body, and then apply.

Massage procedure
A chocolate therapy session usually consists of three stages: peeling with a coffee scrub, massage, rinsing and applying cream. Each of the stages lasts approximately 20-30 minutes.

The meaning of coffee peeling is the same as for all similar procedures: cleansing the skin, removing all its irregularities, giving smoothness. After peeling, the skin becomes more susceptible to beneficial substances.

Any composition used for chocolate massage is very gentle to the touch. When it is applied to the skin, it feels like you are slowly wrapped in a silk, deliciously smelling fabric, and then they begin to massage with this fabric.

Massages are usually made relaxing, the main movements that are used in the massage process are stroking, kneading, circular movements, pats, and lymphatic drainage elements.

Under the influence of movements, the chocolate mass seems to melt and saturate the cells with nutrients, moisturizes the skin, and slows down the aging process.

The chocolate massage procedure can be done on the whole body or only on the face. At the end, it is enough to take a shower and apply a cream, lotion or other cosmetic product that matches your skin type.

The amazing smell after the procedure will be pleasant to delight you for several days. To some, the coffee-chocolate aroma seems rather unexpected, because it is more often associated with food, rather than with a beauty parlor.

allergic reactions to the drugs used;
damage to the skin and skin diseases, for example, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis;
infectious and fungal diseases;
malignant and benign neoplasms;
purulent processes;
feverish conditions;
high body temperature;
diseases of the blood, for example, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis and lymphatic vessels;
mental illness;
excessive hair growth.

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