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Massage and sciatic nerve neuralgia

The most common cause of sciatic nerve neuralgia (sciatica, lumbosacral radiculitis) – one of the longest nerves of the human body that runs from the sacral plexus to the foot itself – is pinched. As you can imagine, at the same time, a person feels severe acute pains that occur suddenly, tingling, tissue numbness, loss of sensitivity and other neurological symptoms often develop. Due to severe pain, some people with such a problem can hardly walk or stand.

According to statistics, 40% of people at some point in their lives have experienced sciatic nerve neuralgia. Sometimes exacerbations of the lumbosacral radiculitis haunt a person all his life. Moreover, neuralgia of this kind can cause anxiety – a person is always waiting for the disease to worsen.

Of course, attacks of sciatic nerve neuralgia usually last no more than a couple of hours, but for those who live with such a problem, this watch becomes a real test. Fortunately, massage can help, and now we will learn how.

To find out the cause of sciatic nerve neuralgia, you should consult a doctor

People experiencing symptoms indicating sciatic nerve neuralgia should, first of all, see a doctor, and only then consult a massage therapist. According to doctors, in 90% of cases, sciatic neuralgia is caused by a herniated disc. Sometimes there are more serious reasons – spinal stenosis and various neoplasms.

The main symptoms of sciatica:

• Low back pain

• Feeling of burning and tingling in the leg

• Weakness, loss of sensation and leg mobility

• Pain in the buttock

If you observe one of these symptoms at the client, refer him or her to the doctor and, based on his opinion, start developing a treatment plan whose main goal is to relieve pain.

Sciatica and massage

Massage has many useful properties, which makes it an excellent treatment for chronic pain syndrome with sciatica. So, now we find out what these properties are.

1. Massage helps with lower back pain

First of all, massage is excellent for lower back pain, the main symptom of sciatic nerve neuralgia. In 2014, an article was published in the journal that compared the effectiveness of deep tissue massage and anti-inflammatory drugs for low back pain. According to the results of the study, massage was in no way inferior to pharmacological agents. If a person prefers to avoid drug loading on the body, massage can be a very effective alternative.

2. Relieves muscle tension and pressure from nerves

In most cases, muscles play a significant role in the development of pain with neuralgia. Overstressed muscles can exert pressure on the nerves, including the sciatic nerve. Massage, unlike other sciatica treatment methods, approaches the problem from precisely this angle – it helps relieve pressure from the sciatic nerve, thereby relieving pain. In addition, in some cases, it is muscle problems that can be the main cause of sciatic nerve neuralgia – in this case, massage will help to completely cope with this ailment.

3. Improves blood circulation, which helps to restore muscle

Massage helps improve blood circulation and stimulates the flow of nutrients to tissues in the area of ​​pain localization. According to a study published in 2010 in the Strength and Conditioning Journal, this is due not only to mechanical stress, but also to a local increase in tissue temperature. Good blood circulation is the key to rapid tissue repair. However, it should be remembered that you should be guided by the features of your diagnosis and doctor’s recommendations – if sciatic neuralgia is caused by a hernia of the intervertebral disc, improved blood circulation will not help to cope with the cause of the problem.

4. Increases flexibility and mobility.

Massage also helps combat other symptoms of sciatica, such as pain when moving and walking. Massage improves flexibility and mobility – the client will be able to move more freely and lead an active lifestyle, therefore, he will recover faster.

5. Relieves nervous tension and fights anxiety

And finally, massage helps to cope with various emotional manifestations of this ailment. Massage relaxes and gives peace, fights anxiety, which indirectly, but still very significantly affects the speed of recovery.

Sciatica massage techniques

For the treatment of sciatica, you can use various massage techniques, some of which we will now consider in more detail.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage perfectly relaxes muscles by eliminating deformations of connective tissue. In some cases, muscle strain can be the main cause of sciatic nerve neuralgia – deep tissue massage will be most welcome.

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