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Holiday Marketing Ideas for Massage Therapists

The time has come to choose the perfect gifts for your near and dear ones – a great time for us, massage therapists and manual therapists!

December and January often turn out to be the busiest months for us, but just at this time we can ensure a stable flow of new customers for the whole next year! Of course, we are all used to relying on our reputation, recommendations and regular customers. Of course, these are the very three whales on which the practice of any successful massage therapist or clinic is based. But do not forget that the new year is a time of magic! It is during these months that we are ready to spend more than usual on gifts for ourselves, our friends and relatives, and for many people a massage or manual therapy session is the best gift. If you approach the issue of holiday marketing wisely, then in a couple of weeks you can build a customer base for the whole year! How to achieve this?

For most of us, the true spirit of the holiday is not so much in receiving as in giving gifts, and in family celebrations such as the New Year, it is not so much the value of the gift that is valued, but how much the soul and desire to make it are pleasant to make. Having presented a certificate for a massage course, a person can thus show his concern, demonstrate a desire to help his loved one cope with nervous tension, improve his health and enter the new year with renewed vigor. Let’s think about how to give our customers the opportunity to make their loved ones pleasant, kind and meaningful gifts for the upcoming holiday:

1. Gift Vouchers

Why wait for your clients (current or potential) to come to the conclusion that massage is a great gift if you can immediately give them such an idea! Make sure customers know that you can purchase gift certificates

Mention them in the conversation after the session
Send holiday greetings to your customers email. After the congratulation text, tell us that you have gift certificates available.
Put information about gift certificates on the stand for announcements in your clinic or office
Post information on gift certificates on social networks, as well as post your prospectuses with certificate information in various health food stores, pharmacies, and so on.
2. Sell certificates and record sessions online

For many people, buying a gift on the eve of the holidays online is much easier than taking the time to go to the store. The same applies to massage recordings – in the pre-holiday bustle it is not always possible to set aside even an hour to get to the clinic. Make sure your customers can sign up for online sessions and purchase gift certificates right on the site. If you independently manage your site, it will not be difficult for you to implement such an option; if not, I recommend that you contact the specialists – I assure you, their services will pay off. Gift certificates after payment can be sent by e-mail in PDF format.

3. Holiday offers.

Everyone loves to save! Holiday offers are a great way to attract new customers and show your existing ones that you respect them, appreciate and care about them. There can be a great variety of holiday offers, you can enter individual offers for new and regular customers, but in general such promotions look something like this:

When you purchase two certificates for a 60-minute massage session, a 50% discount on the third
When you purchase a certificate for seven services from the “health and beauty” category (for example, SPA, massage, manual therapy), the eighth session of any service is free (you can use the certificate for an additional session during the year).
20% discount on everything if you pay two or more services / certificates at a time (services must be different).
A gift upon purchasing a certificate for a massage session lasting 90 minutes (massage oil, essential oils, a disc with relaxing music).
4. Contact local businesses

Of course, now far from all enterprises give their employees something for the holidays, but still for some companies this still remains a good tradition. Some bosses do not reward their subordinates with prizes, but with various gifts, which may include massage certificates. Offer your services to companies that, for example, work in the same building where your clinic is located. In addition, you can arrange a meeting with the employees of this company by offering them a short massage in a chair – a great way to expand your customer base! It remains only to make sure that you have enough business cards printed!

It is enough to make very little effort to attract many new customers in the pre-holiday period.

Massage is a real salvation from stress and tension, and at the end of the year many people only dream about it. Together we will give our customers the opportunity to enter the new year with good health and mood!

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