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How the most vigorous massage therapists eat

My experience with colleagues allows me to say without exaggeration that massage therapists are one of the most generous and sympathetic people on the planet. Of course, we all know how to take care of our clients and do it like no other, but very often we – massage therapists, chiropractors, chiropractors and so on – forget about ourselves and put our own health care in the last place among our priorities.

The work of a massage therapist is not complete without serious physical and emotional stress. If you feel that at the end of the working day you have no strength left even to get home, maybe you should try changing your eating habits?

Obviously, you do not have enough energy, and its main source is food. Slightly improve the diet and – voila, you have enough energy both for the work day and for household chores in the evening, for communicating with loved ones and much, much more.

Today we’ll talk about how to eat in order to stay energetic. This information will be especially useful for those who constantly feel tired, who already after three in the afternoon want to sleep, and for those who wonder why he did not lose a single kilogram despite a healthy diet and a well-thought-out diet.


Nowadays, people live in such a crazy rhythm that our ancestors never dreamed of. Such a relatively new word as “multitasking” is now suitable for describing our life. Of course, in various activities, multitasking can significantly increase a person’s productivity, but eating is not one of them, be sure.

Yes, and, in fact, this applies not only to food – recent studies have shown that dispersing forces to simultaneously perform too many tasks significantly reduces a person’s productivity. First of all, this is due to difficulties with concentration.

But let’s get back to nutrition: have you ever shared a meal with a person who eats as fast as other participants in Formula 1 have never traveled in their life. You just had time to enjoy the second spoon (or fork) of your favorite dish, when suddenly you notice that the neighbor’s plate is already empty! Well, or your plate is empty. So why is speed so important?

You can eat the healthiest food in the world, but if you are not relaxed at the time of food consumption, all efforts go to tartarara – your metabolism literally turns off. We all know what the reaction of the autonomic nervous system “hit or run”. If you are in a hurry somewhere, you enter your body into this state even if in fact you are not at all nervous. The same processes occur in the body as in severe stress – pressure and pulse increase, respiration accelerates, blood flow velocity changes, and various stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, are released into the blood itself. Not the best of circumstances for proper digestion! When you eat in this state, when you digest food, you get only 45-60% of the nutrients from it.

If you want to improve your metabolism and digestion, pay attention to how you eat. Try to plan meal breaks between meals so that you follow all the recommendations for a conscious meal, which I will give below.

Conscious meal for a massage therapist

1. Sit at the table and set yourself the goal of enjoying food

2. Look at what you are going to eat and mentally repeat that you like this food. The visual perception of food stimulates certain sections of the cerebral cortex, the secretion of saliva and gastric juice.

3. Take five slow and deep breaths (food + oxygen = burning calories)

4. Chewing a serving of food, make from 25 to 50 chewing movements.

If you are used to eating while standing in the car or while watching TV, at first this practice will be difficult for you. But the key word here is practice. You can’t get rid of bad habits in one night.

If you cannot immediately adhere to all four recommendations for a conscious diet, choose the one that seems easiest to you, and try to follow it for two weeks, and then continue to connect them one by one.

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