These are smells that return us to vivid pictures of childhood or to a state of crazy youthful love, excite us or immerse us in a state of deep meditation…

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Throughout my career as an anatomy teacher at the university, my students have asked me several times about muscles that I did not know existed. Since I have been engaged…

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The effect of massage on the body
Massage has a diverse physiological effect on the body. Subjective sensations during and after massage, with the right choice of massage techniques and the method of their use, dosages are…

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Essential oils and emotions

We all heard about the various therapeutic effects of essential oils: some help fight colds and infections, others have an antibacterial effect, others invigorate and make us more attentive … Are there any essential oils that can help cope with heart pain – not physical, but emotional?

Of course, we are not psychologists or psychotherapists, but everyone has long known that the touch of a massage therapist has a complex effect on the emotional sphere of the client – including that it can help overcome the burdens of loneliness, sadness, sadness, and spleen. The use of essential oils during massage helps create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. But that’s not all – the aromas of some oils directly affect the emotions and feelings of the client.

Emotional healing

In fact, there are quite a few essential oils that can positively affect a person’s emotions. Today I will tell you about three oils that are especially effective in this regard – they will give warmth and support a person in sorrow.

Of course, you should not limit yourself to just three oils and, above all, in practice, individual reactions to these oils are encountered. The art of aromatherapy is not to find the perfect oil for the treatment of any disease, but to select such an essential oil that will work effectively for one specific client at a certain point in time.

To comprehend this art, we all need time, knowledge and experience – try, study, experiment and eventually you will begin to choose the “right” oils intuitively.

Essential oils, which I will tell you about today, are sold at affordable prices and they are not known to everyone – they are not talked about as often as, for example, lavender, rose, bergamot or geranium oils (these oils, by the way, also help to fight with negative emotions).

A little sweet won’t hurt

Sweet marjoram oil (Origanum majorana) is probably the most famous oil of all that I will list in this article today. Everyone knows about the pronounced sedative effect of sweet marjoram oil, but, in addition, this oil also has an antispasmodic effect – an excellent choice for massage! If we talk about the emotional sphere, then I can say with confidence that this oil is best for single people – its aroma gives a feeling of warmth, peace and support. I recommend that you use marjoram oil with other essential oils that do not have a sedative effect – not only the client, but also the masseur himself can fall asleep from the aroma of marjoram!

Freshness and purity

Palmarosa essential oil (Cymbopogon martinii) is now gaining popularity among aromatherapy specialists. This oil has an antiviral and antibacterial effect (an excellent choice for the cold and flu season – no one will get sick in your office!), Dilates blood vessels and improves blood circulation.

This oil helps the heart physically, but this effect, of course, is felt in the emotional sphere. The smell of palmarosa perfectly invigorates and cheers up, like lemongrass oil (by the way, palmarosa and lemongrass are plants of the same genus), but in this aroma there are less floral notes and more pink ones. Palmarosa oil helps people naturally nervous to feel safe and calm down, to feel kindness and care. Many clients told me that the aroma of this oil leads them to pleasant thoughts about loved ones.

Spice for the soul

Cardamom oil (Elettaria cardomomon) is an excellent alternative to ginger oil – it has the same spicy aroma, but has a significantly less pronounced irritating effect. Again, based on customer feedback, cardamom flavor best helps people let go of past relationships and open up to new ones. This oil not only stimulates the digestive system and exhibits the properties of an aphrodisiac – from an emotional point of view, these properties are reflected in the ability of cardamom to restore a person’s “appetite for life”.

If the client has sensitive skin, this oil should be used with caution, but in the proportion that I will indicate in the mixture recipe below (only 2.5 percent), cardamom perfectly warms the tissues and improves local blood circulation.

How to apply these oils in practice

You can use these oils either individually or in mixtures with each other or with your favorite essential oils. So, for example, to support the spirit and improve the mood of my clients, I use the following mixture: to 30 grams of the base I add 4 drops of sweet marjoram oil, 8 drops of palmarosa oil and 3 drops of cardamom oil.

To begin with, try to make this mixture at home and check its effect on yourself – it is best to use it before going to bed after a bath.

These essential oils can be used without a foundation – just inhale the aroma of a couple of drops from a scarf or any other small piece of fabric. This will help you relieve stress and focus.

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