Rectus femoris muscle
The rectus femoris muscle divides the front of the thigh in two and is located between the tailor muscle and the tensor of the broad fascia of the thigh. The…

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Ayurvedic oil massage
Experience suggests that people react to different types of sensory signals in different ways. So, for some, sound has a particularly strong effect, so these people are most susceptible to…

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Headache and injuries of the ligaments of the cervical vertebrae
Question: True or not: headaches can occur due to damage to the ligaments of the vertebrae C5, C6 and C7. Answer: A reflected headache usually occurs only when the ligaments…

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Many people really do not know why bath brooms are needed. Many sauna lovers are surely convinced that the brooms are designed to overwhelm each other to exhaustion – and that’s all. But what is the meaning of this ritual, not many understand. Moreover, with a similar view on how to steam, the use of brooms turns into a painful and tedious procedure and does not bring pleasure.

In fact, the use of a broom is, first of all, a massage. Massage enhances the circulation in leather and deeper fabrics. Thanks to this, the redistribution of the blood, lymph and intermittent fluids throughout the body is necessary. Anyone emits phytoncides that kill non-toxic bacteria. Essential oils, which are contained in leaves and branches, are similar to those that prevent it from rubbing, improve the exchange of substances, because the flow of hot air provided by the broom is increased.

Not everyone can take a steam bath with a broom. This is a whole art. There are several rules that must be followed:

1. The broom should be wet. It must be periodically moistened in warm water.

2. The attendant’s movements should be soft, the broom should only touch the body lightly. The meaning of the parks with a broom is not to unfasten each other, which is strength. A broom is not a tool for torture. They are injected with heat, massage the skin.

3. If the sauna is very hot, wave your broom more carefully. Steam can severely burn your skin.

And you need to use a broom skillfully. Whipping is just one of the possible tricks. A skilled attendant uses dozens of different tricks and methods of using a broom, such as stroking (holding a broom along the body from the neck and back), a compress (in this case, the broom rises to capture hot air, and is pressed for a few seconds to the back), smelling (when using this technique, the broom practically does not touch the body, but constantly drives hot air towards it) and many others.

Please note: there is a significant difference between fresh and dry brooms. A fresh broom needs to be steamed right away, it does not steam up, because otherwise it will turn sour and it will be impossible to use. Dry brooms, on the contrary, must first be steamed. To do this, they are dipped in cold water for 10-15 minutes. And then briefly (for 2-3 minutes) – in the hot.

Many mistakenly believe that there is no difference which broom to use. Like, well, what can I think: a broom – he is a broom. But in fact, a lot depends on what branches the broom is made of.

Oak brooms are good for those with oily skin. After processing with such a broom, it becomes dull and elastic. Oak broom helps relieve stress, has an anti-inflammatory effect. Oak brooms help with skin diseases. Oak broom is very durable, it can be used up to 4 times, subject to proper harvesting and proper storage. Wide and dense oak leaves are great for pumping steam. The leaves of the broom are always dry enough, which greatly facilitates the procedure of hovering and avoids burning of the skin. Oak broom is recommended for people with oily skin. After steaming with an oak broom, the skin becomes dull, smooth and supple. In addition, the oak broom contains tannins, so it is used for various skin diseases and excessive sweating of the feet.

Oak broom has an anti-inflammatory effect, as well as a calming property, it is useful to use after prolonged physical and mental stress. The broom from oak branches is used for deep heating.

Oak broom is ideal for hypertensive patients, as its aroma prevents the increase in blood pressure in the bath.

Fresh birch and oak brooms are enough to rinse in warm water, and they are ready to work in a steam room. You can not steam fresh brooms in boiling water, this procedure will spoil them.

Pre-harvested brooms, must be steamed before use.

Dry birch and oak brooms require attention. First, the dry broom is rinsed in warm water, then it needs to be immersed in cold water for 1-2 minutes, and then soak for 5 minutes in warm water. After you hold the broom in warm water, you need to add boiling water to the basin and leave the broom there for another 5-10 minutes. It is desirable to cover the basin in which the broom is steaming, cover with a lid, another basin or dense material so that the broom is steamed properly and begins to emit its aroma. In the steam room, in order to enhance the aroma emanating from the broom, you can additionally hold it over the hot stones of the stove for 15-20 seconds, turning in different directions. In this case, you must ensure that the broom is not overcooked, not “digested” (sticky leaves).

Birch broom is used only 1-2 times, oak, as a rule, 2-3 times. For reuse, the broom needs to be rinsed in warm water and dried.

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