What is really important?

“The effect of massage on the human body”
Probably everyone who has at least an approximate idea of ​​a procedure such as massage knows that massage is good. Massage relaxes or tones, heals, strengthens, improves, etc. etc. Thousands…

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Seven principles of tissue density recovery
Restoring tissue density is a massage technique based on the theory of Linda LePelli, which states that pain in the structures of the musculoskeletal system is directly related to an…

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Headache and injuries of the ligaments of the cervical vertebrae
Question: True or not: headaches can occur due to damage to the ligaments of the vertebrae C5, C6 and C7. Answer: A reflected headache usually occurs only when the ligaments…

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Key concepts of massage psychology

We all know that the work of a massage therapist implies responsibility and commitment to professional ethics – that is why we all need to understand the basic aspects of the psychology of our activities. Nowadays, the lack of knowledge about massage ethics does not relieve anyone of responsibility to clients and colleagues. Understanding these concepts is very simple if they are fully and correctly presented.

We all know about our professional boundaries, but not everyone has heard of such phenomena as therapeutic relationships, differences in awareness, transference, countertransference, projection, repression and denial. These concepts are the cornerstone of the ethical decision-making process and the behavior of Continue reading

6 tests to diagnose finger joint injuries

Finger Mobility Tests

A person’s finger has three joints, and normally each of these joints should have a full range of motion, and reaching the extreme points of these ranges should not cause pain. However, joint pain is a common problem, not only among our clients, but also ourselves – massage therapists and manual therapists.

Today I will tell you about a couple of simple tests that will help you make the right diagnosis for a client who comes with complaints of pain in the hands. To get started, try all the tests I have proposed on yourself – this is a great way to feel these movements yourself and understand what strength and pressure should be Continue reading

Holiday Marketing Ideas for Massage Therapists

The time has come to choose the perfect gifts for your near and dear ones – a great time for us, massage therapists and manual therapists!

December and January often turn out to be the busiest months for us, but just at this time we can ensure a stable flow of new customers for the whole next year! Of course, we are all used to relying on our reputation, recommendations and regular customers. Of course, these are the very three whales on which the practice of any successful massage therapist or clinic is based. But do not forget that the new year is a time of magic! It is during these months that we are ready to spend more than usual on gifts for ourselves, our friends and relatives, and for many people a massage or manual therapy session is the best gift. If you approach the issue Continue reading

Posture and movement

How the way we move affects who we are

Posture is an object of close attention of massage therapists and chiropractors around the world. Seminars, studies are held on this subject, articles are written, new methods of working with posture constantly appear. Like any phenomenon of reality, which includes the physical characteristics of a person, posture can be subjected to philosophical reflection.

Let’s look at the vertical position of our body from this side, consider at such an angle the difference in the length of the legs, the extension of the head forward and, of course, all of us beloved stoop. Is all this really important? Do we really have to always keep our backs straight? Yes they should. It would seem that this article can be completed on Continue reading

Why self-care is so important to a massage therapist

In my seminars on orthopedics and massage, which I hold around the world, I always put emphasis on the importance of taking care of one’s own health in the life of a massage therapist. After all, attention to yourself is the key to a long career and the absence of professional injuries. I recommend to all my students to stretch during the working day and strengthen muscles, doing sports in their free time – only this way of life will allow you to approach your work with clients as efficiently as possible.

I myself realized the value of taking care of myself three years ago. Unfortunately, I came to this through pain – I developed the syndrome of the upper chest aperture, and the pain was so strong that it was Continue reading

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Key concepts of massage psychology
We all know that the work of a massage therapist implies responsibility and commitment to professional ethics - that is why we all need to understand the basic aspects of…


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What does running mean?
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