What is really important?

These are smells that return us to vivid pictures of childhood or to a state of crazy youthful love, excite us or immerse us in a state of deep meditation…

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Massage and sciatic nerve neuralgia
The most common cause of sciatic nerve neuralgia (sciatica, lumbosacral radiculitis) - one of the longest nerves of the human body that runs from the sacral plexus to the foot…

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How to choose a massage table
Masseurs work with different clients: some are small, others are very tall, some have very broad shoulders, others have hips and so on. That is why a good adjustable massage…

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Headache and injuries of the ligaments of the cervical vertebrae

Question: True or not: headaches can occur due to damage to the ligaments of the vertebrae C5, C6 and C7.

Answer: A reflected headache usually occurs only when the ligaments of the upper cervical vertebrae are damaged.

Headache is often reflected pain (radiating) and occurs due to damage to the ligaments of the vertebrae C2 and C3 (supraspinatus and transversal ligaments). Of course, there can be many causes of headaches Continue reading

How many eyes does a massage therapist have?

From the moment the client entered our office, and until his departure, we must carefully monitor him. Full immersion in the process of examining the client and a thorough analysis of all the “prompts” available to your senses, left by the client’s body and body, can provide boundless amounts of information that will help you choose the most effective technique for this particular case and develop a treatment strategy. The result will be healthy and satisfied customers!

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Round pronator syndrome

Infringement of the nerves of the upper extremities is a common cause of pain and temporary disability. In the life of a modern person there are a lot of repetitive movements – during the day we work at the computer, in the evening we relax, use phones and so on – this is what is considered the main reason for the development of these problems. The same applies to people engaged in manual labor – various tunnel syndromes not only worry office workers. Many people, faced with such problems, turn to massage therapists.

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Lymphatic drainage massage

Inflammatory processes (both independent diseases and symptoms) in the modern world are more and more common. This topic has become the subject of many studies, as scientists are constantly finding new connections between various diseases and inflammation. Among these diseases are the ones we encounter every day: for example, simple injuries, tissue damage or musculoskeletal pain, and others, for example, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Inflammation is a natural reaction of an organism to a threat, an attempt to protect itself and recover, to get rid of certain irritants of microorganisms or pathogens. However, in the long run, inflammation can lead to tissue damage, which, in turn, leads to the development of special molecules that re-launch inflammatory processes. Such a vicious circle can ultimately cause a disruption in the functioning of a variety of tissues and organs, especially Continue reading

Stimulating Essential Oils

It’s no secret that aromatherapy is a great way to relax and relieve nervous tension. But sometimes clients come to us complaining of pain, but oils with a sedative effect are not suitable for them: for example, after a session they immediately need to work. Then stimulating essential oils come to our aid.

In addition, their effects will be most welcome when working with clients suffering from arthritis. These oils have a pronounced aroma, they improve blood circulation, remove body waste products, warm and give strength – their therapeutic properties are great for use in sports massage!

Essential oils with a stimulating effect no less than relaxing. Basil, laurel, birch, black pepper, cloves, Continue reading

How the most vigorous massage therapists eat
My experience with colleagues allows me to say without exaggeration that massage therapists are one of the most generous and sympathetic people on the planet. Of course, we all know…


Scoliosis - the pathology is very mysterious, and sometimes even completely surprising. And that's why: • About 85% of cases of scoliosis are idiopathic in nature (that is, in such…


Massage, double crash syndrome and axoplasmic current
Nerve compression is a common cause of pain and discomfort. In some cases, compression of several sections of the same nerve is observed at once, which can be located at…


What does running mean?
How painful actions give us clues when designing a treatment plan “Honestly, I'm very surprised,” said my client, an orthopedic surgeon. - I did not expect that after just one…