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Thai massage basics
Thai massage is the oldest method of traditional Thai medicine. All of his techniques are a combination of pressure, stretching and twisting, that is, a complex system of action on…

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Sports massage
In a previous article on sports massage, we talked about three key principles that distinguish this type of massage from classic, relaxing, general, and many others. Today we would like…

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Why self-care is so important to a massage therapist
In my seminars on orthopedics and massage, which I hold around the world, I always put emphasis on the importance of taking care of one's own health in the life…

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Any woman who cares about herself is concerned about the issues of proper face care. After all, our life and destiny depend on how our face looks. Who, ceteris paribus, will they hire, prefer to see as a business partner or life partner, old or young? The answer is obvious. Often, it is the face that is the most important and noticeable indicator of your age. What women do not dare to preserve the flowering appearance of their faces, and modern men have realized that the face is capital for which it is worth fighting.

This is surprising, but modern cosmetology has limited itself to working with only one skin. Why? Just for manufacturers of cosmetics, it is cost-effective. A lot of clever works have been written about the skin aging Continue reading


These are smells that return us to vivid pictures of childhood or to a state of crazy youthful love, excite us or immerse us in a state of deep meditation and relaxation. The relationship of aroma and emotional state is successfully used by psychologists as an “anchor” to control the internal state of a person. For example, you want to feel confident in yourself. To do this, just remember the moment when you experienced such confidence, and breathe in an unfamiliar aroma. Now, in order to evoke a sense of self-confidence, you just need to again feel this aroma.

Fragrances are not only a door to our inner world, but also a path to healing and reviving the natural beauty of our body. It turns out that since ancient times people have used the aromas of essential oils to Continue reading


Many people really do not know why bath brooms are needed. Many sauna lovers are surely convinced that the brooms are designed to overwhelm each other to exhaustion – and that’s all. But what is the meaning of this ritual, not many understand. Moreover, with a similar view on how to steam, the use of brooms turns into a painful and tedious procedure and does not bring pleasure.

In fact, the use of a broom is, first of all, a massage. Massage enhances the circulation in leather and deeper fabrics. Thanks to this, the redistribution of the blood, lymph and intermittent fluids throughout the body is necessary. Anyone emits phytoncides that kill non-toxic bacteria. Essential oils, which are contained in leaves Continue reading


Modern man experiences constant stress due to the high rhythm of life, poor ecology, improper lifestyle, a lot of stress, an overabundance of information. This condition leads to a weakening of the protective functions of the body and, as a result, to various diseases: weight gain, deterioration of the skin, internal organs, hair, increased irritability, irritability, sleep disturbances and other important functions.

For effective relaxation and restoration of vitality, a SPA system was created.

To consider the impact of SPA-procedures on the internal energy of a person, you need knowledge about energy and the principles of its action. After all, it is energy that leads a person to a healthy body and Continue reading


A few years ago, visiting Spa salons was the exclusive prerogative of women. But time moves forward and the stronger sex begins to realize that a real man can afford to look good. Today, more than 40% of the total number of visitors to spa treatments is a strong half of humanity. And their number is growing steadily. After all, a well-groomed and stylish look is the key to a successful modern man.

SPA treatments for men

However, women and men set different goals when visiting a salon. Women have priority on beauty and self-improvement. “I have to be beautiful, no matter what” – this is how most visitors to beauty salons think. But a spa for men is a short-term rest from working days, accumulated stress and fatigue. Continue reading

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Three myths about massage research
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Modern man experiences constant stress due to the high rhythm of life, poor ecology, improper lifestyle, a lot of stress, an overabundance of information. This condition leads to a weakening…